• Promise Gumbo

The world around me

Updated: May 10

Story telling was one of my early past times and during this COVID-19 induced lockdown I have had a chance to go through some of my old written materials. I came across the short poem below titled "The world around me", composed in 1993. Today, I am twice as old as I was then but am struck by how some of the observations remain relevant to the present day.

The world around me

Throbbing and pumping, hearts aching

Burning and sweating, bodies hurting

Splitting headaches, nerves wrecking

Can’t even sense the mind clicking

Problems and troubles, people grumbling

Rivers drying, dry thunder rumbling

Prices rising, income dwindling

Growling, howling and incessant mumbling

Homeless kids street roaming

Dangerous thugs gun totting

Night ladies disease spreading

Our values surely rotting

Jobs ending and firms closing

Only the coffin business booming

Endless conflicts, the innocent dying

Dark clouds of death ever looming

It’s a world ready to explode

Be careful, be strong, you may still survive


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