Research Design 

The framework created to find answers to a specified research problem, spelling out the research objectives and hypotheses. It identifies the appropriate study design and the methods for sampling, data collection and data analysis.   

Report Writing 

The insights from the data analysis are organized and presented clearly in a manner that addresses the initial research questions and objectives. The results are delivered in full and summary technical research reports, with conclusions and recommendations. 

Data Collection 

The process of using scientific methods to collect information from relevant sources in order to find answers to the research problem, test hypotheses and evaluate the outcomes. Primary and/or secondary data collection methods are used.

Dissertation Assistance    

We assist individuals pursuing academic studies with data analysis and results interpretation on their dissertations.

Data Analysis

The process of inspecting, evaluating and modelling data to discover useful information and aid decision making. Data analysis has multiple facets and approaches, primarily thematic or statistical, and encompasses diverse techniques.

Research Training

Research related training needs analysis, training program design, and training program delivery. These can be theoretical sessions on research methods or practical  training workshops in preparation for implementation of research projects.        

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