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Updated: May 21

While market research consultancy is my main business, I also assist individuals working on academic theses and dissertations with data analysis and results interpretation. I have assisted a total of 89 students in this regard - over the past 4 years - which converts to about two students every month. Of these students 16 (18%) were at the Bachelors' level while 60 (67%) were at the Masters' and 13 (15%) at the Doctorate levels of study.

Although I do charge a fee, it is quite nominal by all accounts. This is because the costs would be prohibitive for most of the students if the fee was pegged at the standard business rate for similar services. But I must admit that I also get exposed to a wide range of academic fields and topics and get to learn a few things in the process. I am thus quite grateful to all the individuals who have sort my assistance, especially as many of them have gone on to recommend my services to others too.

I thank the various unsolicited positive feedback, as in the examples below, too. It is motivating.

Dear Promise, I trust and hope that you are well. It is with pleasure to let you know I completed my PhD. Due to COVID-19, unfortunately we are not graduating physically as scheduled but will receive our certificates only…Thank you so much for your help, it did bring shape to my study and brought a new perspective to what I wanted to achieve and research. Please note I have already referred someone to you for your service – May 2020

Morning Promise, I would like to thank you for your assistance with my research work. You really did good work on my data analysis. My supervisor was impressed with my job – November 2019. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback my brother. I am glad I have worked with you on this study. I wouldn't have chosen anyone else. We will keep in touch my brother. God bless you abundantly – November 2019. 


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