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The “new normal” is not new.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has variously been described as the “new normal”. The truth is that the concept of the remote or virtual office is not new. It is just not as widely practiced as it should be, pandemic or no pandemic. The advantages are numerous, and many business sectors do not have a strong case for centralised workplaces. It is just a tradition that has been internalised and normalised without scrutiny.

I take pride in leading a flexibly structured consultancy that brings together carefully selected research professionals, on a project to project basis, according to the experiential and skills requirements of specific research projects. That is because we believe no two projects are the same and thus it is improbable that the same set of specialists would be the best fit to all projects.

Related to the above model, and arguably because of it, we do not work from a centralised location or office. Our consultants enjoy the flexibility of working from wherever they are, be it from their home studies, living rooms or even bedrooms, so long as the work gets done. And it gets done! The benefits of working from home or remote working in general are well documented. We can testify to being able to turn the time that we would otherwise have spent in traffic into productive time on our computers. We have been able to put in some valuable work at any time of the day or night without having to worry about leaving too early for the office or too late for home. Well, you could also add not having to worry much about “office” attire and appearance, we reserve that for formal meetings with clients!

We have always been home office ready. No teething problems.


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