• Promise Gumbo

We are qualntitatively astute!

Updated: Aug 1

So, what do we mean by that? In research qualitative and quantitative methods are sometimes used together in the same study in what is called a mixed methods design. This type of design helps bridge information and insight gaps that would otherwise result from solely adopting either a quantitative or a qualitative research methodology. We believe that the most insightful research analysis is where the statistics from the quantitative research are given context and meaning by the "lived" experiences and perspectives of the key informants. Hence, whenever it is appropriate, we encourage the mixed methods approach to our clients.

Talking about our clients, if you were to come across two of them arguing, one claiming we were qualitative researchers and the other that we were quantitative researchers just believe them both! As we have stated elsewhere, these clients would simply be testifying to the type of research that we did for them and did so well they cannot imagine us being as equally good in the other methodology. Of course, the misleading portrayal of the two methodologies as incompatible does not help either.


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